Client Intake Forms


Prior to your first appointment with us, we ask all clients to fill out an intake form. The intake form is a starting place for us to discuss your upcoming treatment session, your personal needs and goals, and your medical history. Each of the forms below are available online.

Your information is safe with us – these forms are HIPAA-compliant.

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early so we can discuss your intake form without taking any time from your scheduled session. We believe in giving you the full length of your scheduled session on the table. You won’t need to be early for every session, only the first.

Oncology Massage clients: prior to your first session, please be sure to fill out the oncology massage intake form in its entirety at least one full day in advance of your massage session to allow us time to get familiar with your history.

Client Info Form

Use this form for all Massage, Lymphatic, and Reflexology sessions.

Acupuncture Intake Form

This information form gives Danette a complete picture of your medical history prior to your first Acupuncture session.

Lymphatic Client Info Form

This form is for clients who have scheduled a session for Lymphatic Drainage, either Non-surgical (i.e. Lymphedema maintenance) or Surgical-related.

Oncology Intake Form

This form is for Oncology Massage Therapy clients. You do not need to fill out anything else!

Reiki Intake Form

This form is for clients who have scheduled a Reiki session.