About Us

Meet the practitioners joining you on your Healing Journey.

We’re all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass penned those words about finding our wholeness, coming home inside of ourselves, and knowing at the deepest levels who we truly are.

This knowing provides a solid foundation to build on. This knowing, he taught, is healing.

“To heal” comes from the Old English word hǣlan, meaning “whole.”

This is why we focus on the whole person at Healing Journeys.

The other part of Dass’s teaching is the connectedness that is required throughout our lives – we truly need each other. We teach, learn from, support, are supported, love, are loved – and so on – by each person we encounter along the journey of life.

This journey is our collective Healing Journey. Our compassionate heart-centered focus honors where your body and mind comes to us from, and holds space for what may be. Reclaim your calm, your balance, and your wholeness. We’ll be on the Healing Journey with you.

Meet Kat

Kathleen Bowling, LMT, CMLDT

Owner, Massage/Lymphatic Therapist, Self-Care Coach

Kat is described by her clients as an “angel with magic hands.” She founded Maitri Holistic Arts, home to some of Reisterstown’s best wellness practitioners. Healing Journeys is her private practice for Massage, Lymphatics, and Oncology Massage.

Our Office

We have worked hard to craft your oasis of calm and healing in the middle of Reisterstown. Our private practice offers a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment, where we offer radical hospitality.

Located within Maitri Holistic Arts, we have nine private treatment rooms, a classroom, and a reception area. Each room is thoughtfully decorated to create a perfect, soothing space. Come in and be welcome, and be well.

Every body is welcome.

Everyone can benefit from massage therapy and we work with all people, but our practice focuses primarily on individuals who:

  • have been affected by cancer
  • have lymphedema
  • have a history of chronic pain
  • have a history of trauma, chronic stress, and/or anxiety and depression
  • are at end of life

We especially welcome anyone who has ever felt estranged from their body, disconnected from their physical experience, or alienated because of their shape or form.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

— Mother Teresa

What Our Clients are Saying