Hands & Hearts Fund

A Pay-it-forward Program Supporting Those in Cancer Treatment

In Philadelphia, there’s a pizza place where you can pay for a slice of pizza for a homeless person in a “pay it forward” program.

Anyone can come in and ask for a slice of pizza, anytime, no questions asked, and it’s already paid for.

What if we applied this pay-it-forward model to ensure others in our community received services that could have such a profound, healing effect on their lives?

We currently have:


available in the fund.

What if we could make oncology massage and lymphatic care more accessible so that people who are facing an overwhelming pile of medical bills could have the time and space to breathe, and truly focus on healing?

Contribute to the Fund

And that is how the Hands & Hearts Fund began – as a tiny spark of an idea that I hope will ignite and spread beyond our community to others.

The Hands & Hearts Fund is an account for anyone in cancer treatment or with a history of cancer to receive a reduced cost massage.

Funds from the account may be used to cover our professional fee entirely, or in part, no questions asked.

Anyone may donate, any amount is welcome and so appreciated. You’ll always be able to see how much is available in the fund anytime here.

Use the donation form on this page and enter the amount you wish to pay forward so someone with cancer, cancer history, or lymphedema can receive a discounted or no-cost massage.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you. You can email kat@healingjourneysofmd.com.

With heartfelt appreciation for your act of lovingkindness,